„What you want to ignite in others

…, must first burn inside yourself“.    Aurelius Augustinus (354-430)

As a dynamic community of enthusiastic and committed people, musica innova supports interdisciplinary, innovative and spiritual music and cultural projects. These projects deal with contemporary issues, have the potential to touch people, get them talking to one another and make an impact on society.

As it doesn’t belong to public organisations and structures, musica innova relies on the intellectual and practical support of many people who are aware of how indispensable cultural initiatives are. A range of different events and, in particular, the members’ annual meeting to discuss musica innova’s vision, encourage a lively and energetic community.

Key enterprises the association wants to support are the HUMAN Culture Project and the HAGIOS concerts, with which musica innova is breaking new ground artistically and in terms of concepts, financing and organisation. The association counts on the innovativeness of the ideas and the sustainability of the dynamically growing network of members to allow the projects to be implemented.