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HUMAN Creative Team

„If you can dance together, you can live together“
Willfried van Poppel, dancer and choreographer 

Creative team

Helge Burggrabe (D), HUMAN initiator and artistic director, composer of the HUMAN Suite
Composer, creates international cultural projects that combine music, dance, literature and light art.

Julio Fernandez (ESP), conductor premiere Bremen
works with renowned orchestras and choirs, his repertoire ranges from baroque to contemporary musi

Royston Maldoom (GB/D), artistic choreographic support
Dancer and choreographer, leads dance projects all over the world focusing on social hotspots, in 28 countries to date with renowned orchestras (including the “Rhythm is it” project, Berlin Philharmonic, 2004).

Wilfried van Poppel (NL/D), choreography for the premiere and direction of the HUMAN school projects
Dancer and choreographer (including Bremer Theater), initiator of the successful concept “Five days to dance”.

Amaya Lubeigt (ESP/D), choreography team premiere and direction of the HUMAN school projects
Dancer (with Urs Dietrich, Susanne Linke, Pina Bausch among others), co-director of “Five days to dance”.

Nanni Kloke (NL), choreography team premiere
Dancer (including Royal Ballet of Flanders), dance teacher; teaches around the world using the Harmony Method®.

Susan Barnett, choreography team premiere
Dancer, dance teacher, artistic support (Theatre Bremen and others). DE LooPERS Team member for DE LooPERS-“Five Days to Dance” projects.

Musical team CD

Duncan Ward (GB), conductor
Conductor and composer, one of the most sought after young conductors internationally.

Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin (D)
Founded in 1989, the internationally renowned German chamber orchestra of Berlin, has performed with Daniel Hope, Nigel Kennedy and others.
The premiere will also feature musicians from Belgium.

John Kameel Farah (F), piano
Pianist and composer, combines classical music with improvisation, music from the Middle East and electronic music.

Elbtonal Percussion (D), percussion
Creative percussion quartet (classical, jazz, world music) which has performed around the world.

Sponsors & partners

HUMAN is sponsored by the non-profit organisations Musica Innova and Stella Maris Foundation, which seek to promote interdisciplinary music projects.

HUMAN’s partners include
Berlin Classics/Neue Meister, Patmos Verlag, Theater Bremen, Kammerensemble Konsonanz, De LooPERS-dance2gether, HSB IntoNation/Chor der Hochschule Bremen, Art for Peace Foundation, International Dance Council CID – UNESCO, die Imelda-Schule in Brüssel-Molenbeek

A CD produced by the internationally renowned label BERLIN CLASSICS and an accompanying film are planned with a view to reaching a wide range of society.


Elisabeth Bremenkamp and Nanni Kloke
+49 (0) 171 273 32 08