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HAGIOS concerts

„The moment we are touched. A response is generated when something reaches, touches or moves people.“
Hartmut Rosa, professor of general and theoretical sociology, Jena

The new concept of the HAGIOS sing-a-long concerts involves alternating between singing with several voices, engaging in contemplative silence and improvising with sound to create a sacred place in a vast, transparent sound space.
HAGIOS song evenings invite you to pause, listen and sing along in a spirit of openness and peace. It’s not perfect singing that shapes fellowship, but the joy of being touched: by our own voices as expressions of the soul and of faith and by being together in a sacred space. The richness of sound is borne by the silence from which all sounds emerge and return, and by the spatial experience of church architecture, which points heavenwards.
Composer and flautist Helge Burggrabe founded the HAGIOS concerts in 2015. He drew inspiration for the event’s name from the ancient Greek word Hagios for the Holy, for that which can’t be named and on which all religions are based. Since then he has created two HAGIOS song cycles, which were released on the BERLIN CLASSICS label.
And the HAGIOS idea is catching on. HAGIOS songs are now being picked up by both choirs and singing groups in more and more places. Dutch choreographer Nanni Kloke has developed dances for the HAGIOS cycles that are spreading to many countries. (Dates:

A cultural project that combines silence, music and spirituality.