International Culture Project

„You can change your live in a dance class.“
Royston Maldoom, dancer and choreographer (for example of Rhythm Is It, Berliner Philharmoniker, 2004)

The idea for the HUMAN European Culture Project was born in Brussels-Molenbeek, in the district that made headlines due to raids and arrests following the attacks in Paris and Brussels. Since then, the burning question, not just here but worldwide has been: how can different cultures live together peacefully across all traditions, lifestyles and philosophies?
The basis for HUMAN is a new musical work composed by Helge Burggrabe for orchestra and percussion. World-famous choreographer Royston Maldoom and his team (Wilfried van Poppel, Amaya Lubeigt, Nanni Kloke) will join forces with 100 young people from Brussels to develop stirring choreography for the work in the style of his Rhythm Is It community dance project and make it possible to experience the UN Declaration on Human Rights in a new way.
The premiere in the Theater Bremen on 6 and 7 march 2021 will kick off Five Days to Dance projects in European schools. The premiere with young people from Brussels is planned for the beginning of October 2021 in the Royal Flemish Theater (KVS) in Brussels. In the winter of 2023, HUMAN will return to Brussels with a major performance for the 75th anniversary of the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights.
The British conductor Duncan Ward has recorded HUMAN composition with Berlin’s German Chamber Orchestra, John Kameel Farah and Elbtonal Percussion on CD, which will be released by renowned label BERLIN CLASSICS.

As a donation-based crowdfunding project, HUMAN is an initiative that will have an impact on society.